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"Light determines how you see things. we control the light."

LMB Presentation Management is a consulting company designed to help you communicate to your audience through the elements of the presentational stage. With Lighting, Sound and Set, we make sure your ideas are effectively exhibited and seen at the most professional level. 


design & set up 

for your moment



Let us...

set up  all the aspects of your production that require specific sets of skills such as light design, set design, and sound engineering. 

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We Can...

design your entire show. You want energy, we can bring it. You want something more laid back and intimate, we can give you the effect you desire to communicate your idea to your audience.  


re-design & train


We will...

comb through your entire presentation idea and organize it from start to finish. We can suggest and price out needed equipment and upgrades and even order the materials for you. 


our pros...

will train members of your team to operate your presentational stage and equipment.


manage your event


are you bringing an event to your venue?


events can get complicated fast...

Bring LMB Presentation Management in to administrate your event and make sure each part is running seamlessly. We will get everything and everyone in and set up. And after the show is over, we will dismantle the production and load it back on the trucks; leaving your establishment just as it was before. 

And if you are thinking about renting a professional Performing Arts Establishment we can help there too. Let us be the liaison between you and the complex environment of a professional theatre. We'll make sure your presentation goes off with perfection. 



Light Design

Lighting for plays and musicals take a very specialized level of training. Too much light or too little and the theme of the presentation can be lost. If you are producing a play or musical and need a designer contact us and we can help.


Light Designs by Lahim Ballard