Red Flower Productions
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What is the fine arts student production company?

Well it is just that, a production company in every manner designed to be operated by young men and women in the Pee Dee area. It is a perfect model set up under the guidance of professionals working in the production field. 

It was designed to satisfy a growing need for skilled workers in stage presentation for our growing city and to create job experience for students to take advantage of in the growing field of production. 

Opportunities for Leadership and Creativity in the SPC create a bridge to other fields as well. 

Take a minute and see ways you can get involved and join our team!


Here's some of the things you can do in the Fine Arts SPC...



working backstage

Gain experience setting up a show,  breaking down a show, and everything in-between. With the SPC you get hands on, working with professionals learning the important parts of how to get a show on its feet and running properly; till the curtain closes and the last person has left the building. 

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show operation 

The show won't go if there are not trained capable people manning the operation stations and making the calls. Learn how to run sound during a live show and operate the lighting. Even train to be a stage manager and guide the movement of the show. The SPC puts students in the hots seats and part of the action. 


Management and team leading

In order for a performance to run effectively many decisions have to be made before a light comes up or a microphone is turned on. Learn Production Management, calling all the pieces of a show together. Where will the show be? How do we market it and to whom? How do we function in the operating budget? The SPC creates opportunities for young people in the Pee Dee to make these decision and earn valuable work experience doing it. Learn and develop Leadership skills with us. 

 at the theatre


connecting to

performance space

In order to master the theatre you have to be in one. The SPC partners with stages throughout our community giving students a chance to be present when productions are in the works. Being in the space and working with state of the art equipment gets you ready for the challenges of the industry and gives you access to all the opportunities it offers. 


Join our team

If you'd like to join the SPC or would like to donate please click on the "contact us" tab and reach out. We will get back to you quickly with the many ways you can help and get involved.