Red Flower Productions

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who are we?

We are an engine that finds and recruits local talent. We refine that talent and carry it to the professional stage. We create  opportunities for designers, performers, music engineers and more, giving them space, equipment, and an audience to develop and showcase their skill. 

We are a Social Event, creating new shows on our stages that speak to our audience of awesome people who want to come out, meet new faces, and have a good time. 

We are a catalyst, connecting our audience to our partners and transforming that energy into mutual gain for them as well as the performers of Red Flower Productions. 


Meet the Man

Lahim Ballard is passionate about performance. Whether he is taking the stage himself with his saxophone in hand, playing a part in a play, or coaching a performer, he gives his all to every detail. You’ll find him in every aspect of the theatre, from focusing lights to greeting guests, because connecting and communicating through the world of the stage is that important to him.




Here are some of the things in the works. Click on the Links to learn more...

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We train here locally in the PEE DEE in performance and production. Want to learn how the stage works? Want to learn about career opportunities in this industry? Check out this link and come get involved. 


need advice

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We can help

The presenting stage can become a complicated place fast and sometimes its hard to know what you need and what you don't. Come ask our experts so you can make the best choices for your stage. 


we're all

in this


We all need to see ourselves as heroes. We need to see ourselves reflected in art. The stage is a place everybody gets a turn to tell their story. Come see how you can get involved with our new theatre group in the PEE DEE. 



I believe there should be more opportunities for local artists to perform on a professional stage.
I believe there should be more diversity in the arts in the Pee Dee area.